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Nursing In Style With Pink Blush

This blog post is written in collaboration with Pink Blush, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am currently at a collective 10 months of nursing, WOW! It has been a whirlwind with both kids. From a huge learning curve, questioning my abilities, and making sure that I didn’t lose my identity in the process. It’s so easy to feel “like a cow” when you are constantly covered in milk and spit up. Not to mention, the little one that so desperately needs to be on you every 2-3 hours for the first few months. It can be hard but it can also be easy to feel like that’s all you are good for. Feel me?

Staying true to myself has been a huge saving grace in my nursing journey and the easiest way that I’ve been able to do that is maintaining my personal style. When you are out and about the “how accessible am I” thoughts run through your head. Nope, can’t wear that dress. Nope, the two shirt method doesn’t work with that top. And it goes on…. and on. There are lots of solutions to the nursing wear crisis and they don’t involve spending a fortune on nursing tops you’ll never wear again. Enter PinkBlush. They have brought to you on trend styles that you can wear pre-pregnancy, pregnant, and postpartum. Also, some great prices and stellar quality.



I am so excited to share with you an easy (ehhhm, cozy) style that goes
hand in hand with my favorite Pink Blush nursing top.


P.s. This particular top is on sale right now! 

Now, let’s be real. When you are nursing at home or in public, accessibility and comfort are key. This top, although fitted, hugs and …doesn’t… in all the right places. It’s soft, stretchy and there is no fuss when nursing in it. I’m 5’6″ and wearing a size medium.

Head over to Pink Blush and browse their nursing selection if you haven’t already. I am hooked!


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