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What Is Grace + Ford?

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A few months ago, before Eli was born, I was feeling kind of “meh”. I have tossed this idea around for YEARS but always afraid of sharing my thoughts and what people would think. “What will people think?” is a dream killer. It held me back for YEARS and I don’t have many behind me! I am telling you now that having kids will drastically change what you care about and how you feel about what others think. Thankful for that. I love writing, I love being creative, I love learning and blogging has fulfilled all of those things!

So, being in this new position, I decided to go for it. It came with A LOT of research and reading before I started. I wanted to do it correctly and most of all I wanted to learn how I could reach and become a positive influence to just one person. That was and is my goal everyday. I just want to reach one person.




With the blog, I have “met” (ya know, my internet friends) so many awesome moms/bloggers/mombloggers that I am so thankful for. Complete strangers, cheering me on and letting me know that I spoke to them through one of my posts. That is what it is all about for me. Not the money (some bloggers can pay their mortgage and then some) not the free stuff, not the followers. That stuff is just that… STUFF.

So after the blog took off, my backseat dream (the one you don’t really ever pursue for whatever reason) started creeping back up. I just really want a storefront boutique, one that is small, full of beautiful things and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, which is hard to come by. I do not have the time or resources (read: money / two kids under two) to start something like that so we (Tyler and I) started the smallest way possible. I set up an online store, reached out to his t-shirt contacts and started on some designs.

I am saving every penny for “the store”. I don’t know when it’ll happen. Maybe 5 years or 10. I have no idea, but when I pray the “Is that what’s next?” prayer I will feel the peace that I don’t have about it right now. BUT I can tell you, I have had so much peace about starting small and building a community around Grace + Ford that want to help me succeed and spread our message.

Here we are, building the Grace + Ford brand. If you read my posts and never like or comment, you are building my brand. If you go to my website, window shop and never buy anything, you are building my brand. Just having that 1% interest in Grace + Ford, builds my brand and I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THAT 1%.
*Also, if you think I can’t/won’t do it, you are also building my brand, haha!


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These designs are straight from my fingertips. I send them to a graphic artist and she can put them directly on the shirt without changing them. Seeing what I spend hours on the computer (usually during nap time or midnight) trying to perfect being worn around town is extremely rewarding. If you shop with me, you are literally apart of someone’s wildest dreams coming true. How cool is that?
Other than striving to be a source of inspiration, my other main goal is keeping my prices low. I have seen stores where you can buy similar things for almost twice my prices. I don’t know about you but I like getting more bang for my buck. I want everyone to be able to shop and I want everyone to be apart of this. If you want to visit, there is a tab at the top of the page that says “shopgraceandford” that will take you straight to the website.



I’ll probably be saying this everyday for the rest of my life but THANK YOU. Thank you for your support, encouragement, words of wisdom, compliments, and for being apart of this with me. It means the absolute world to me and I want to make sure you don’t forget it!

XO, Jess

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