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How To (efficiently) Clean Out Your Closet + Sell Clothes 

How To (Efficiently) Clean Out Your Closet + Sell Your Clothes-2

I do this… often. Every other season, if not every season. I hate having a closet full of clothes I don’t wear or love. My taste also changes pretty often. I’ve finally learned to not buy super trendy items and to invest in the basics. Also, learning how to style what you have is key.

It doesn’t help my body has gone from a size 0/2 to 4/6 in the last few years. I’ve had to say goodbye to my favorite jeans and learn how to dress for my current body type. My goal is not to be a 0/2 but to be healthy so who knows where I will end up! I am sure that I have a lot more closet clean outs in the future … 🙂


These are the guidelines I follow when cleaning out my closet…

These are my closet clean out guidelines...

Just remember, while you are cleaning out your closet… QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! I am slowly learning how to shop for things that I love that will last. Usually once I’ve got a pile of clothes, I move onto selling/donating/or throwing away…
I love selling (and buying) on Poshmark. Keep in mind they do take out a fee, but it has always been successful for me! It’s a really user friendly app, they send you the pre-paid mailing label and you are good to go. It really takes the hassle out of selling your clothes! Also, if you have a brand that you absolutely love and are certain of the size you wear, you can find some seriously awesome deals! Poshmark also allows you to sell men’s and children’s clothing now also!



If you want to shop my closet, check it out HERE.


Happy Shopping!
XO, Jess

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