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Product Highlight: Original Blends Styling Gel

Product Highlight


Does anyone else have certain products that you buy different brands of every time you need a refill? My husband is like that with hair products. He always “likes” certain products but not enough to buy them again. He would rather try something else out.

I was really excited when Original Blends Styling Gel reached out to me to test out their hair gel and share with my readers, if we liked it.

I’m always nervous trying things on Cameron, especially “products”. She has the most beautiful hair and I don’t want to compromise that! Especially when her teen years are going to be full of all kinds of hot tools (if she is anything like me!). When they told me what was in this styling gel, it was a no brainer.

Original Blends Styling Gel does not contain harsh chemicals, alcohol, parabens or phthalates, is vegan and cruelty free. It is made with flaxseed and soy protein. Instead of being crunchy, dry, and flaky, it moisturizes your hair. It manages flyaways, has a great hold, and defines those sweet toddler curly Q’s. I was super impressed with how great it smells also, it’s heavenly!



Cameron was my first guinea pig, if you will. I have been loving these cute little buns on her but they don’t last through the day! This gel kept everything in the hair tie without being dry and gross. They lasted all day! Let’s be honest, toddler hair is so fine, I don’t mind her cute little bangs falling out (they make her look extra girly!) my main concern was keeping the hair IN the hair tie. We accomplished that throughout the entire day (and a nap!) so it’s a win for me.





Obviously, Cameron can’t tell me if she “likes” the gel, so Tyler, naturally was the next product tester! When I say hair snob, I mean it! But in the best way 🙂 He loved the smell and the not crunchy/flaky residue that so many hair gels have. This photo was at the end of the day! (Also, can we just give him round of applause for those baby blues?! And for passing them onto baby Eli?! Thank you Lord!!)


All in all, we are fans! I don’t really use any products in my hair because #momlife. But I think this stuff will work great on my postpartum hair loss/regrowth and taming the flyaways. The WORST!

Thank you so much, Original Blends for letting us be apart of your brand! We are big fans!

Check them out here:




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