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How To Get Frizz Free Hair with Hair Remedie

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I know, there are about a million anti-frizz/frizz controlling products but that’s the key, they are products (aka: you put them IN your hair)! I’m going to share with you my top way to achieve frizz free hair with Hair Remedie, and it doesn’t involve one more thing that you need to spray or slather into your locks.

Hair Remedie is a frizz eliminating towel that gets to the root of the problem, literally! Hair Remedie towels are made of 80% cotton, and 20% polyester. The soft outer jersey knit is the only thing that touches your hair so you don’t risk exposing your locks to rough and tough materials that can cause breakage or the dreaded frizz!

Here in Texas, I am literally always battling the craziest, frizziest hair you’ve ever seen! I can go from sleek and shiny to a puff ball in about .5 seconds when I walk out the door. It doesn’t help that I’ve always been drying with terry bath towels that are NOT gentle by any means! The Hair Remedie towels is BIG so it’s perfect for any length/thickness of hair and comes in three gorgeous colors (that don’t fade in the wash!) I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair since using the Hair Remedie towels. They are so soft and dry my thick hair so much faster than traditional towels! I can use all the time saving tips out there and this is my new favorite!

How To Use:

1. Wash your Hair Remedie Towel before first use in cold water/tumble dry low.
2. Dry as you normally would, wrap/scrunch hair

The Hair Remedie towels are fool proof!
The inner super absorbent layer dries hair faster, gets your waves/curls ready quicker!

When I use the Hair Remedie towels I have one hanging outside our shower and immediately wrap my towel up on my head straight out of the shower. I get dressed and then work on scrunching my hair dry with the towel. The key to using the towels to keep the frizz to a minimum is to be gentle with your locks! Gently scrunch, don’t rub your hair, and you’ll be totally blown away how much more manageable your hair

So again, here are my tips to eliminating frizz, controlling frizz, or making sure to avoid it all together!
1.) Be gentle with your hair

2.) Wrap up your hair and let Hair Remedie do the drying for you

3.) Scrunch dry, don’t rub!

So there you have it, I’m a huge advocate for all things that make life easier and this is definitely one of those products!
I’d love to hear how you fight frizz! Let me know below in the comments what your favorite products or tricks are…

See ya!








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