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The Secret To Second+ Day Hair with Dove

This post is sponsored by Dove Hair Care but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I know dry shampoo is all the rage right now and for good reason! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I need it now more than ever or that I’m surrounded with like-minded women (and mamas!). Dry shampoo is life. Mastering the art of second day hair (and subsequent days) is seriously LIFE CHANGING. I’m going to share my secrets, trials and errors and tips to having freshly washed hair…even when you don’t!

We are a Dove family and I’ve never been disappointed by their line of products so once I was introduced to this Dove Hair Care line, I was so down to try them out! I’m a sucker for moisture because my hair so desperately needs it all year-round. So first up the Dove Ritual Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner; I have more than enough hair to go around but IT.IS.FLAT. Like as flat as flat can get. I’ve tried a variety of thickening/volumizing hair products but this has been a well-rounded shampoo and conditioner. It gives volume without lacking in moisture which is huge.

So now that we have clean, freshly washed hair comes this beauty. A few months ago I asked for some dry-shampoo suggestions and Dove came up quite a bit. I was so excited to get my hands on this and give it a whirl. First off, the smell is heavenly, no compromising there. Second, I can still run my fingers through my hair and it doesn’t leave a heavy product build up. It is dry shampoo. You get all of the effects of clean hair, I’m not even kidding.

Now that we are armed with products that clean, moisturize, volumize, and let us rock “clean” hair for a few days… we have to master the art of SECOND+ DAY HAIR.

Starting with clean hair is always a must. Wash your hair and on the 2nd or 3rd day when you need a pick me up follow these super simple steps:

1. Apply Dry Shampoo AT NIGHT before bed
2. Don’t over do it. Section your hair below the crown (all the way around your head) and down your part
3. With clean hands (don’t need any excess oils) massage the dry shampoo
4. If you have trouble with white residue, use a hair dryer to help it settle

I know, maybe not revolutionary information but trust me #1 will be a total game changer. If you need a touch up on day 3 or day 4 (no judgement) use it VERY sparingly. Using dry shampoo before bed should be just enough to help absorb oils overnight so that you don’t need it the next day. Make sense? Just trust me!

You can grab this glorious line of Dove products at your local Wal Mart!

Happy Shampoo-ing šŸ™‚





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