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SunIn Natural Hair Highlights: Tips & Tricks

I cannot tell you how many bottles of SunIn I went through as a kid. I have the darkest shade of brown hair and it always made summertime so much more fun for me! I have really brassy undertones in my hair, so I didn’t use too much, just enough to bring out some auburn highlights.

SunIn is still going strong these 10+ years later!  There are so many testimonials and reviews out there sharing its success! Some of the reviews can make you feel a little apprehensive about it, but there is a an art to using SunIn and maintaining healthy locks! I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks to using SunIn for the BEST results and keeping your hair nourished and healthy in the process.


1. A little goes along way: Don’t drench your hair in this stuff. It is made of hydrogen peroxide and a few other lightening ingredients. Sparingly is always a safe route!
2. Invest in a good deep conditioner: No matter who/what/where you are changing your hair and it needs help to stay healthy and nourished.
3. Focus on the ends for a “balayage” look: This is probably the most “on trend” way to use SunIn and it doesn’t involve drenching your scalp!
4. Comb it through damp hair: Make sure that your hair is damp, post towel dried hair before applying sun it and comb, comb, comb! You don’t want to create little bright patches!
6. Don’t over do it (See #1):
Use SunIn every few days or weeks to give your hair a little break!
5. Enjoy the sunshine! After applying SunIn you can either use some good ole sunshine or your hair dryer since it is also heat activated!

How easy is that? SunIn contains no alcohols so it doesn’t strip your hair but it is changing the color so using a great conditioner will help keep you in tip top shape! Sun In is not only sun activated but heat activated also! If you want to speed up your results your hair dryer will certainly do the trick! You can use as little or as much as you’d like for your desired results! I’ve really loved reading reviews about SunIn and how following these tips and tricks keep you away from spotty hair and really getting the full results that it offers!

Here is my photo after one use with 2 sprays and combed through! I just recently dyed my hair back to my natural color so I’m not wanting any drastic results so I didn’t use much, but you can still see it! Depending on the look you are going for you may need some more! Both photos were taken in the same spot in our bedroom. The photo on the left was the day my hair was color, so a nice rich dark brown. Photo on the right is today! (Taken with iPhone X) Below is a photo taken today with my DSLR, no flash, unedited! You can really see how my hair is still a rich brown with very subtle natural highlights!

If you want to jump back on the SunIn wagon after all these years, it’s available HERE at Walmart and such an inexpensive way to enhance your natural colors! It is available in two scents, that are both light and fresh!






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