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Favorite Shorts {For The Texas Heat}

It’s the end of February and I’m in shorts. Hellloooo Texas! I know there are quite a few of you that don’t quite have this…errrr…luxury, but I’m rounding up some of my favorite shorts that I’ve scored in preparation for the very sweaty summer that I have ahead of me.

Let me just start off with my age. I think this plays a huge role in what type of shorts you are looking for/comfortable with. I’m 24 with two kids. It’s a weird phase where I don’t feel like “mom” shorts are flattering on me, but also I’m not really down with showing cheeks. Right? I own these and I am comfortable in them and running after kids… while still feeling like I have some sense of style.

If you have hot summers (or springs, like us) I urge you to try these out!!
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Boyfriend Shorts 3″

So these were a total dud when I ordered them online. I am hovering between a 2 and 4 right now and for the sake of modesty I went with a 4. Mmm, to my surprise, they were huge. Baggy/Long not at all flattering on me! I went into the store to return them and tried the 2. JACKPOT. The key to the Old Navy Boyfriend Shorts is S I Z E D O W N. The 2’s are comfortable, not too short and just snug enough to not give me saggy butt. Yeaaa, that’s a thing. The KUT shorts I show are the ones that I got in my Trunk Club  earlier this month. They are SO soft and I love them even more after the first wash. They hold up so well. I have a size 4/27, they run a hair big, I think I could do a 26 if I wanted them more snug/short.

Old Navy Boyfriend Shorts 


KUT From The Kloth Boyfriend Shorts 3″

Linen Shorts

I grabbed some of these last year and they are SO perfect when the temps start creeping up! They are so lightweight and easy to dress up. Also, double as a swim cover! I’m thinking they are a 3-4″ inseam, I am totally comfortable in these, plus they are kind of trendy (but always on trend) and make me feel stylish. That’s important, haha.

Old Navy Linen Shorts 

Short Shorts 2″

I tried these on in the store but couldn’t really justify $50 for some ripped up short shorts, so I’ve been watching their site and snagged these for $30 each. The inseam is short, fair warning. BUT, I don’t feel like a teenager in them. I wear a size 4 in these. I could totally see if you size up they won’t be so snug which could make up for the length. I might not have a lot of time wearing these and may have to switch to their midi shorts, which I also tried on and was pretty impressed with (they are similar to the Old Navy shorts in terms on length).  Also, the high waist is every mother’s friend. YOU.ARE.WELCOME.

American Eagle High Waisted Shorties (2″ inseam)

American Eagle Midi (4″ Inseam)

So, I know, not a lot to choose from, but these are my ABSOLUTE favorite. If I come across any others I’ll be sure to update you! If you have a favorite brand, be sure to comment and let me know so I can check them out!

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