Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Our social media is flooded with New Years resolutions today. Maybe something that strikes a chord with you and makes you think “Oh I need to do that!” I am loving all of the encouragement from everyone. Here is the secret to resolutions, make a big goal, there is no such thing as crazy. BUT along with your goal you need to have a plan! I’m going to share with you my goals and plans to make 2018 great.

Before I jump in, here is a little recap of a phenomenal year. We closed on our 4th (!!!) home, Cameron turned 1, had lots of fun trips to the pool, vacations, and bringing home Baby Eli. 2017 was definitely a whirlwind and full of changes. I am happy to say we made it out in one piece. I am thankful for every single moment with our sweet family and look forward to another year of greatness.





Now, onto my goals for 2018.

Spending {Quality} Time With My Family
Blogging Full Time
Getting Organized
Health & Fitness

These things all sort of go hand in hand. I want more unplugged family time especially as these littles grow right before our eyes. Also, getting my blog on a better schedule. I’ve been all over the place while juggling motherhood. I want to continue to grow this little community alongside Grace + Ford and be a place that you come to for inspiration and comradery! Then there is the ever so famous Health & Fitness. I don’t really have a specific goal but I do know that I want to keep the momentum going that I started after Eli was born! I’ll have some more posts coming about my postpartum weight loss! It’s been a real journey in itself!


I’ll have some posts on their way with each of these goals and how I plan to tackle them throughout the year! Be sure to leave a comment with your resolutions and goals for 2018! I pray for a happy 2018 full of blessings for you and your family!




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