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All Time Favorite Jeans

In all honesty, I hate “jeans”. They’re uncomfortable, they squeeze you in places you don’t want to be squeezed and they don’t always enhance you appropriately. I feel like I have spent my entire adult life trying to find jeans that I JUST LOVE. Not to mention, the past few years have involved lots of size fluctuations (thanks, kids!). But after much consideration and confidence boosts, I can say I have found the ONES.

I tend to gravitate towards “skinny jeans”. I do love a good slim boot cut style every now and then but I have found a¬†perfect fitting skinny jeans looks best for my body type. I cannot stress how important style and fit are. Find what works for you and your curves!

I will link here a few of my favorite styles and brands for you to check out. I am extremely picky when it comes to jeans, so trust me when I say these are the best!

Flying Monkey
Mid-Rise Skinny Ankle
I love their mid rise styles. My all-time favorite, hands down. They are the perfect combination of stretch and structure. I can find them at Buckle or really any local boutique. They are on the lower-isa end ($40-$80) and seriously worth every penny. They have tonnnnns of different styles. I am in love with their skinny mid-rise because #mombod. Buy them in every style/color/fit, you will not be disappointed. (These are the super distressed jeans that I wear.. ALL THE TIME.)

Miss Me
Slim Boot + Signature Skinny Stretch
When you think of Miss Me you might think “Well I’m not in high school so these are out”. Trust me, I am over the angel wings/blingy bottom thing, too. They do have some really subtle/plain looking denim, too. I love the styles that have “stretch” in the title. Nothing like a pair of jeans that fit just right!

Buckle Black
Mid-Rise Skinny Stretch
Another Buckle favorite of mine. A sales associate tossed these at me one day and I fell in love. They are a “thicker” denim but so comfortable. They have a ton of stretch, like…a ton. I sized down to have the tighter fit and not have to worry about them being baggy towards the end of the day. These also come in a ton of stylish but not too trendy versions.

Skinny or Bootcut Styles
These particular styles I just happened upon one day on Poshmark. I’ve heard about them and seen then on Nordstrom’s website but I hadn’t tried them. They are on the higher end, but oh my gosh. You get what you pay for. They are high quality and feel more like “real” denim, not legging/jeggings. I’ve been really impressed with the styles and how flattering they are. Definitely one to keep your eye out for! I’ve even found a few pair at Tj Maxx!


I own a few other brands, but these are my go-to recommendations. Drop a comment with your favorite brands/styles. I’d love to check them out on my hunt for new jeans this fall!






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