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10 Minute Taco Soup

Everyday is Taco Tuesday in our house. I am never NOT in the mood for Mexican food, it just does not happen. I usually whip this up at least once a week and it is hands down our current obsession. Cameron loves to use her spoon like a “big girl” so it’s definitely toddler friendly! Also, this particular soup makes THE best leftovers. This is coming from someone that absolutely hates leftovers!


Straight from the kitchen of a non-chef, here is my 10 Minute Taco Soup Recipe.

Serving Size: 4 + leftovers
1 can of Corn
1 can of Rotel
1 can of Red Beans
1 can of Black Beans
1 package of Taco Seasoning (name brands are a little spicer)
1lb of ground beef (I use sirloin because…yum)

Using a “soup pot” (I don’t know the technical term, ha!) brown your meat, duh. Lower your burner to “medium”/less hot and then add the cans of corn, rotel, and beans. I slightly drain them, but don’t worry about it. You want to get the whole “soup” effect here. STIR. STIR. STIR. Next, I add an entire package of taco seasoning. This particular brand is just something my husband grabbed for me, but I usually use “name brands” and only need half a package. I’ve found that the name brands are much more spicy. To the point where I take a little bit out for Cameron prior to adding the taco seasoning. Just use your judgement here! Let the soup boil for about 2ish minutes (told you, I’m not a chef) and WAH LAH! Easy right?

We pretty much don’t use spoons for this soup and stick with tortilla chips. Also, don’t forget to add cheese and avocados. I would have but ya know, mom brain, I forgot to get them at the grocery store. This taco soup makes THE best leftovers, like I said, I hate leftovers. But this is always yummy! Perfect for lunches at work or those extra cold days that we do not have. Probably a healthier alternative to tacos, but that is irrelevant. 🙂

How do you make your taco soup?! I’d love to try out different options!




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